Deseco is

An industrial design and consultancy company established in 2012.

We work on projects for cruise ships, car ferries, workboats, icebreakers and industrial sectors.

Deseco experts work in our office, at the client’s premises or remotely at home. Our staff has extensive experience in design projects for the marine industry.

Our most important asset is our motivated and skilled staff.

Deseco’s offices are located in Turku and Rauma.

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We have carried out diverse and demanding ship engineering and development projects for numerous shipyards and marine turn key suppliers.

Our specific areas of expertise in the shipbuilding industry include the delivery and management of demanding design packages on schedule for customers, without burdening the customer’s organisation. We are also strongly involved in coordinating materials, managing production and ensuring design quality.

We have also provided mechanical and electrical design services to industry and equipment manufacturers. With the material and expertise provided by Deseco’s experts, our customers can manufacture their products and build their sites in a cost-effective but high-quality way.


Outfitting Design, Marine



Public areas

Cabin areas


Machinery areas

Material coordination/work planning

Interior design, Marine

Steel outfitting, floor, wall, ceiling and furniture drawings

Mock-up drawings

Weight and fire load calculations

Furniture manufacturing design

General arrangement

Cabin arrangement

Staircase arrangement

Basic Design and Technical Handling, Marine

System responsibility and design

Purchases of equipment and components for machinery systems

Project-specific documentation

New building projects and retrofit

Electrical design, Marine and industry

Electricity and automation centres



Packaging lines


Regional electrification for cruise ships

Mechanical design, Marine and industry

Equipment engineering



Structural steelwork